What Should You Not Pack When Moving?

What Should You Not Pack When Moving?
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Moving is a big issue for a lot of people these days. Young people tend to move a lot each year. College students haul their belongings to apartments to try to get a new lease.

Then there are older adults that move because of work-related options. Even the elderly move often, when they are seeking out new places to live.

Moving home can be a hassle and will involve a lot of stress. Reduce stress by just leaving some stuff behind or throwing it out ahead of time. Think of objects that don’t need to be moved during the process.

That can eliminate a few items and shorten the list of things to pack.

Food is a top item that should not be packed. That is because food can spoil or get crushed by other items.

Try to consume all food on-site before the date of the move. Or people can just throw out food that is going to expire. Boxed food like cereal could be included for the move.

But be wary that it won’t be crushed by heavier objects. A friend could store some food during the move that is needed. Some spices or special dishes might be kept that way for a while.

Think about temporary fixes for food items that need to be kept. Chill frozen food in a safe place during the moving process itself.

Fragile objects are also a hassle for many reasons. They can be broken when the boxes move around during transit. Think about selling the items or just throwing them away if possible.

It is hard to part with some fragile objects that can be stored. Special packaging methods have made it possible to move fragile objects. But it takes time to pack things that way during the move.

Plan ahead to manage the fragile items and prevent them from breaking.

Don’t let broken glass or debris clutter the moving truck. That is a hazard and can be avoided with a few simple steps too.

As weird as it sounds, pets can’t be packed for the move. Dogs and cats can ride in the car during the move. But smaller animals like gerbils or hamsters can be a problem.

They typically live in a cage and have their own habitat at home. But during a move, their habitat is disrupted by the shifting boxes. Don’t box up the animals and store them away.

That could suffocate the animals and litter the moving area as well. Find a way to keep the smaller pets before the move begins. A friend might be able to take care of the pets ahead of time.

Budget for some challenges like these during the move. The packing process will give people time to think about options. Hire a professional mover to make the project work as is needed. The challenges can be overcome with some advanced planning as well.

Pay for the cost of moving and save some items which are hard to move.

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