What is the Cheapest Day to Move?

What is the Cheapest Day to Move
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One of the frequently asked questions by those who plan to relocate is “when is the best time to move?”

Moneywise, there are days where you can move without paying excessive moving fees. While the name and experience of the moving company matters, you also need to consider the time when you want to move because basically, it will affect the price.

Most companies charge high fees on weekends and lower fees on weekdays. Whether this is your first time moving or not, read this blog to minimize your moving expenses.

What is the cheapest day to move?

The cheapest day to move depends on several factors. You can choose to move either on a weekday or a weekend and still pay for the same value. Here are some of the things to consider.

1) Moving on a weekday.

Any day between Mondays and Fridays is a good day to move. There are advantages when you choose to move on a weekday, and one of the top factors is the price of hiring a moving company.

Usually, moving companies charge lower costs on a weekday. You can use this to your advantage, especially if you only have a budget to follow.

Another good side of moving on a weekday is that there is a lesser hassle. If you have kids who go to school, this day would be the best alternative when you are moving as you don’t have to deal with them until the end of school hours and by that time, your relocation is already done.

Moving on a weekday also saves you money. Since moving companies offer low rates during weekdays, you can use the excess of your budget to buy other things essential for your relocation.

However, there’s also a downside when you move on weekdays. You might have an opportunity cost, which is losing a day at work or school.

You have to lose your one-day salary to move on a weekday.

2) Moving on a weekend.

It’s that expensive to move on a weekend at all, especially if you consider other factors such as your work or school. What you can enjoy during weekends is your free time to organize your relocation.

There’s no need to sacrifice a day of work. There is no opportunity cost.

But you might have to pay more for hiring a moving company. Since services are usually in demand on weekends, companies charge higher fees.

Just make sure you have enough budget to spend. If you want to calculate your savings, you can compare the fees on weekends and the fees on weekdays, plus your opportunity cost. In this way, you can choose which one is more practical.

Although there are discounts offered on weekdays, there are still a lot of factors to consider before you can really say you’ve saved a lot when relocating.

Weekdays or weekends are ideal depending on your preference, time, and money.

Consider what we’ve just shared with you so you can easily identify which day is cheaper to move.

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