Moving Yourself vs. Hiring Movers: Which Is the Best Choice for You?

Moving Yourself vs Hiring Movers
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When you move, there are an infinite number of arrangements that you need to make, but one of the biggest is whether you will hire a moving company or control the move yourself

When you’re dealing with other stressful decisions such as which furniture to move, what house to buy or rent, and which realtor to trust. Adding another factor into the equation will make these other decisions just more difficult to ponder.This article might prove helpful to highlight costs of both options and help make the process more straightforward.

When push comes to shove the decision to work with a professional moving company will largely come down to the cost, your own personality, the proximity to the new location and how complex the move may be or other factors that people think about.

Many of us are just incapable of moving heavy furniture around and cannot do so without either professional help or wrangling in friends or family.

Control a move yourself

If you control your move yourself, pack all your items, load them into whatever vehicle or vehicles are using, arrange the rental of this vehicle and then unload them all at the other end.

While this choice might be cheaper if you can borrow a truck or if you own one yourself the process is far more complicated if you don’t have the benefit of free help, especially if you move is a long distance one.

The primary reason people move themselves is the potential to save significant amounts of money, but doing so is not always guaranteed to be cheaper there are many other costs that people forget about such as

#1. Truck rental costs

Depending on the extent of your move you may need to rent a truck, pricing of these will depend on the distance you’re traveling and the size of the truck that you hire. Smaller trucks are suitable for in-town moves and will usually end up being cheaper than renting a larger one, but you also have to cover truck rental insurance.

#2. The cost of gas

Obviously this will not be a big deal if you’re moving a short distance. But whether you’re renting a truck or taking your own vehicle cost of fuel will always need to be factored into the budget, especially if it’s a long haul move.

#3 The hassle of asking for help

Even if you ask your friends and family to help you’re going to have to cover the additional costs of food and drink at the very least the day of the move. Sometimes buying them a gift after the move. Remember, you might have to repay the favor, this request could come at the most inopportune time.

#4 Cost of special Moving Equipment

If you’re controlling a move yourself it’s important that you take care of your furniture so hiring stretch wrap or special moving blankets will be necessary. These will help to ensure they protect your belongings from a good deal of damage and are just another hidden cost. You should also hire some four wheelers or dollies to help prevent any

Hiring a professional mover

Despite costing more upfront, a professional moving company will do everything related to a move. This will reduce the amount of work and stress involved. Some people do the packing themselves to ensure everything that they need is brought with them and reduce some costs.

When you break down the costs of using a moving company compared to moving yourself, it may not work out as expensive as you first thought and is worthy of consideration.

#1 Standard moving charges

Sending standard moving charges covering the movement of items from one premise to the next is usually based on the weight of the cargo you are moving.

#2 Moving insurance

Although most licensed movers are legally obliged to provide a level of liability coverage, this coverage is minimal and won’t cover the cost of replacing any damaged or lost items. So always look for a more comprehensive insurance coverage.

#3 Gratuities

Having already paid the moving company, your costs don’t end there, offering a gratuity to every member of the moving crew is standard. A little of research reveals that $5 an hour is standard across the industry.

Taking everything into account here are the principal reasons people hire movers

As people get a little older, they have a tendency to have more disposable income and hiring professional movers is just money well spent outside of that here the three major reasons that working with a professional moving company is just common sense

#1 Reduce the risk of a costly injury

If you talk to enough people who have managed their own moves, it’s unlikely that you will find stories where some injury hasn’t occurred. And I’m not talking about conjuring up images of pianos falling from high story buildings. But if you live in a large city, moving happens all the time. If you work in the industry you will walk around keeping one eye upwards as you might have to deal with someone’s negligence or ill preparedness. Watching some amateur hour mistakes and injuries that happen when people move themselves is enough to ensure this is never something you do.

#2 Offset the costs by spending the time saved working

Organizing a move, it’s not something that happens in one day there’s a lot more time involved. All this time can be saved by working with a professional moving company, and you can use it more effectively to offset the costs involved. That many people who have side gigs will have to be neglected and cost them money while they’re using the spare time to manage a move. Spend your and money more wisely on more important tasks.

#3 You neither have the training or the equipment needed

Although moving an entire bedroom set down six flights of stairs may look straightforward to you trust me when I tell you you need to have the equipment and training or know how needed to successfully dismantle your furniture and reassemble it on the other side never mind I’m dealing with the stress and anxiety involved

If you need of a professional moving company, please contact one of our team today for an obligation free quotation


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